McNeill Art Group

Beth McNeill

McNeill Art Group consults to a wealth of collectors, both public and private, providing personal delivery of works and creating an ease to the selection of work. Whether a client prefers to visit artists' studios or galleries, or just view works via email, McNeill Art Group will tailor their position to satisfy the needs of the client.

Artists work side by side with McNeill Art Group to promote not just a single exhibition, but to develop a career. Functioning as a manager, McNeill Art Group allows artists' the freedom to concentrate their efforts on the production of engaging works of art.

Beth McNeill, founder of McNeill Art Group, strives to emphasize the importance of art through alternative exhibitions and private consulting. Focusing on curating as an artform endows McNeill Art Group the ability to change shape and perspective with each event and each individual client.

"My personal interaction with the artists and their work enables me to connect with my clients on an intimate level and provide them with a thorough statement on the artists endeavors and accomplishments".