McNeill Art Group Tribeca Project Space
The Garden

February 28 - May 31, 2010

NEW YORK, NY - The McNeill Art Group is pleased to announce the opening of The Garden at the Tribeca Project Space, curated by Beth McNeill. An opening reception will take place on Friday, March 12th, 2010 from 6-9pm. A press preview will be held on Wednesday, March 10, from 3-5pm.

The Garden is an examination of civilization's founding story. A frequent muse of artists through out the ages, The Garden of Eden is rich with mystery, beauty and deception. This exhibition illustrates the ancient narrative that has shaped our world.

Everyday we are faced with making decisions of good and evil. Do we taste the sweet fruit from the tree of which we should not? Or do we turn against the deception of the serpent and have a little faith? In The Garden we can observe the moment before our sinful nature is born. We can live in its delicate purity and uncover our lost innocence.

“...your curiosity now infatuation, now compulsion, moving you closer each day until, finally, there you are, the two of you, beneath it, contemplating the heavy, hanging fruit of it, dangerously, flirtatiously, close to the forbidden touch. Day after day it hovers there, silent, juicy, whispering, Yum.”

- John Coats

The exhibition features paintings, photography, sculpture, works on paper, installation and design by artists Jennifer Angus, Saul Becker, Jordan Betten, Susan Benarcik, Thomas Card, Tapp Francke, Helen Gifford, Jason Hackenwerth, Robert Hand, William T. Hillman, Kim Keever, Steve Mannino, Jane Martin, John Messinger, Jeff Muhs, Ted Nemeth, Milton Rosa-Ortiz and Tyrome Tripoli. A performance by Jason Hackenwerth will take place during the opening reception.

The exhibition runs from February 28th through May 31, 2010. The McNeill Art Group project space is located at 143 Reade St, Tribeca, New York. The space is open by appointment only.

Beth McNeill, 29 and residing in Southampton, New York, is the founder of McNeill Art Group. McNeill Art Group began as an art consulting and acquisitions company in 2005. After establishing a presence as a private dealer and exhibiting artists at international art fairs around the world, McNeill began seeking exhibition opportunities in alternative spaces. McNeill worked with Artisan Lofts to create the McNeill Art Group Tribeca Project Space in an effort to continue the global movement towards enhancing the visibility of contemporary art while not conforming to the traditional gallery structure. The Tribeca Project Space is on the ground floor of Artisan Lofts in Tribeca, New York. This “experimental project space” is a venue for artistic and curatorial expression allowing for continuous adaptation, progression and growth of the creative forces.

Please contact Beth McNeill at 631-838-4843 or email for more information.